Irv Gotta Throws Shots At Rival 50 Cent, Slams BET Show 50 Central

Irv Gotti and 50 Cent will never be friends, this much was made clear when the Murder, Inc. boss went at the G-Unit General recently online. In a long-running beef that’s been going on for years. Gotti threw a shot at Fif’s newest BET show, 50 Central, calling the comedy series “bullsh*t” in the process.

Gotta posted an Instagram video post of him and Ja Rule gracing an older cover of XXL, opening his caption by saying the pair were recently having a discussion. The feud between 50 and Ja has been well-documented, and Gotti made sure to remind the readers that it’s never going to be all good with him and his side regarding his fellow Queens rival.

From Irv Gotti’s IG:

You know I was speaking to my brother @ruleyorkcity and we was talking about things. And he inspired me to let things be known. As y’all know. The whore been saying he is gonna get Tales off BET. Haha. So let me let y’all know what the Whore did this week with his new bullsh*t series 50 Central. The #’s came in on Thursday. But I wasn’t gonna say shit. But my brother Rule said F*ck That n*gga. Let it be known. 50 Central WAS THE WORST PREMIERED SHOW IN BET ALL YEAR. BOTH THAT AND THE SHOW BEFORE IT COMBINED TO BE THE WORST PREMIERES FOR BET ALL YEAR. WITH RATINGS SO LOW AND RESPONSES FROM THE LIL PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SAYING ITS F*CKING HORRIBLE. I did not watch that bullsh*t. But I seen and heard what was being said. That it’s garbage. It’s awkward.

Gotti then proceeded to make mention that his series, Tales, will be making its season debut on Oct. 10, while issuing a ton of not-so-veiled threats at 50. So far, 50 hasn’t responded as he did when Gotti first started going at his head, so stayed tuned as this is sure to only get uglier.


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